Monday, March 5, 2012

Ricochet Reviews Returns (Que the music!)

Dearest Bookies,

Mid-Febuary, you may have read a post about goodbyes and farewells - and if not, you're probably wondering where I've been. Granted, there has been pre-scheduled tour stops and the like, but I haven't quite been around. As some may know, a series of family crises induced the dramatic departure. Since then, I've taken time to deticate myself to family and friends, and found escape in working on upcoming projects. While the crumbling situations of life haven't reassembled yet, I'm ready to offer my attention to Ricochet Reviews once again.

Much like a new season, everything from the appearance to the content is new. Review acceptance selectivity has narrowed in hopes of bringing readers the best of the best: the paranormal, the urban fantasies, borderline science fiction, and the brighest, boldest corners of deliciously peculiar exceptions.

Look out for more reviews, more interviews, and more tours. If your on the mailing list or subscribed to the Goodreads-version of the RR feed, be sure to stop by the official blog for a glance at the completely reinvented navigations. Meanwhile, expect (or at least don't fear) posts beyond the classic book blog content. In addition to guest posts, giveaways, interviews, reviews, and other standards, you'll soon find book-blogging and indie tutorials, as well as the grand reveal of my official author blog, expected to be released (and annouced here first) within the year.

While we're chatting, allow me to mention a few alterations to the Ricochet Reviews policy. Firstly, I'm no longer accepting more than one book by a single contributor; please do not request a review for your "pilot", sequel, prequel, and the like all at once. One at a time, in order, upon release, is all that's managable at this point. Also, the contact methods, preferences, and acceptable submissions have been drastically altered. This information can be viewed on the Contact and Policy page, here.

In the meantime, you will likely notice older posts that have image headers running into the sidebar, the background loading before the rest of the blog, and other small technical errors. The major change in the template formatting is the cause of this. I will try to get through all of the posts as soon as possible, and I thank you for your patience and understanding. If you notice an error (including those listed above, or, for example, an image within a scroll box misformatted) please feel free to submit a quick error report via commenting on the affected post or sending a brief email to simplyindie(at)gmail(dot)com.

In regards to my absence, please note that the return may not be 100% at first - but I'll get there. Let's start slow, with pre-scheduled pieces and blog tours, and we'll work from there. Sound good?

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers offered for me and mine during this time, as well as admirable patience and understanding in all the chaos. Emails confirming posts, flexible rescheduling, and general encouragement and support have been greatly appreciated and extremely helpful.

I'll be seeing you soon!

With love,


M.D. Christie said...

I am so happy Miranda!! Welcome back!! :-)

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