Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The end is near! (Well, not really.)

I've shown this graphic before to mention a temporary leave, but I haven't gotten to apply it to why was created! Today I've got a more suitable application. Ricochet Reviews is changing - not leaving, but changing. Let me explain.

Firstly, I'm going away to school this fall. This means a lot less time for emailing back and forth, and definitely no time to organize blog tours and author correspondence. Which translates into: I'm now reviewing the random books I'm recreationally reading, rather than accepting oodles of requests and dealing with my odd little notification processes. You'll still see plenty for the latest releases, but whether or not I'm accepting requests is going to vary by the week. Secondly, Ricochet Reviews is expanding beyond YA lit -- and dabbling in some other age groups, expecially while tending to a new classics and contemporary literary fiction exploration I've planned. You'll see what I mean in the content to come. Thirdly, the blog is expanding beyond the reviewer classification. Pretty soon RR will be in a pretty little tab, and the overall blog will be deticated to promoting upcoming works and other delicious writing jazz. The debate of switching the URL and platform is still up in the air, too. When that's decided I will definitely be offering an update.

Overall, besides an inside look at what's to expect soon, this is a fair warning: over the next couple of months, there's going to be a lot of "technical difficulties". The layout is getting completely re-vamped, and it's going to utterly rock when it's finished. Until then, don't be scared off if you stop by and the images are 300 pixles off or sidebar's disappearing, or the fonts are being odd and ill-fitting. Once it's complete, 98% of that will be solved -- and for what's left, there will be some available contact forms and other options for convienent, anonymous trouble shooting.

A quick Q&A:

1. Wait! Are you still going to post the review we scheduled?
If you and I corresponded and agreed on a review date, it's still going to be posted unless I personally write you and say otherwise. This change is HUGE and my request acceptance is going to become a little more sporadic than it is now, but my involvement on other, pre-planned bloggerific activities isn't changing.

2. What about participate in my blog tour?
No worries, all that will be posted. See question #1 for more info.

3. What do you mean changing? A new blog?
Yes and no! You'll see some interesting features arise in good time, including "Unflesh" and "Doomsday Darling", but the entire blog is being combined with an author blog and Simply Indie Productions designed services - on one site. I can see how that's confusing, but it'll all come together. You'll see. :)

4. Wait - what do you mean "works"?
I didn't mention I write too? You can find out all about that in my "Projects" tab. There's usually not too much to tell, but I've got a few things TBR and I see an expansion is due. :)

5. Well, in that case. So you are "staying"?
For sure! Ricochet Reviews will still be around, but with less indie requests (only because of time issues with the correspondance - I still adore indies!) and less interviews. You'll see more frequent "traditionally published" reviews and writer's info in the absence.

6. Do you recommend any other sites for our book blogging needs?
If it's too much to deal with during maintence times, go check out the RR blogroll! It's titled "Bloggin' Bookies" and filled with some awesome references :) For amazing reviews and wicked cool giveaways, I recommend checking out YA-Aholic and Electrifying Reviews. For a little bit of awesome-bookie-everything, definitely visit TwiMom101 or What's Beyond Forks? - again, there's plenty more in the sidebar blogroll :)
7. Hang on, I have more questions! What is this madness? You answered nothing!
Keep an eye out for further updates! And, of course, any additions questions can be directed to the comments, Facebook, or email.


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