Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bookies Can Go Green Too!

Happy Earth Day, Bookies! In celebration of our planet, why not go green? Here's some ways to help out Mother Earth, today!
  • Recycle a few dust-collectors on an overstuffed shelf! It'll only sting for a second, and just think of the room your making for new ones!
  • Opt to buy the eBook instead of the hardcover. Save money, time, AND trees!
  • eReaders are Eco-Chic! You know you want one - so invest in a Kindle! Sure, they require electricity to charge. However, many of them are  recycled via refurbished parts! And the rest applies for Nook Tablet, Augen, Kindle - even Kindle for PC: it saves the paper of printing every hardcover on that shelf! (You know it's is running out of room anyway!)
  • Turn off the computer and read a book! Save electricity and enjoy yourself - now you have a reason to relax!
  • Shut off the TV and walk the family to the park. Grab a picnic blanket and a book, read tree-side! Plus, you and your kid-brother get some exercise! 
  • Make your next writing journal an eco-friendly one. Not only a reader, but a writer too? Pick up a bio-degradable, recycled-material journal instead of another paper-wasting composition! They're more sturdy (less likely to bend in your bag), usually well-crafted (and beautiful!), and the few extra bucks can feel well-spent! My personal favorite is Find Sasquatch: Leave Nothing But Tracks, but I recommend looking on Etsy or browsing your local stationary or department stores, too! (Tip: I love stocking up on hand-made, recycled products from stores like TJ MAX or Marshall's, too!)
What are your green tips? Leave a comment below and you could be featured on Ricochet Reviews as a featured Green Bookie!   



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