Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Win a iPad 2 or Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Rafflecopter is hosting up something great and fierce, and Ricochet Reviews is sharing it with you! Enter to win an iPad2! 

When you enter, be sure to write "Miranda Wheeler" or "Ricochet Reviews" in as your referrer, too! By doing that, when YOU WIN, I WIN -- a Kindle Fire!

Enter below! And while your at it, why not follow Ricochet Reviews for awesome interviews, insane reviews, and more fantastic oppertunities like this? Google Friend Connect and "Follow by Email" are both options available in the sidebar, or just click here!

Regarding the KF -- did I save up forever and finally get one? Yes! Did a seemingly inconspicuous Fresca completely destroy it two weeks after I got it? Yes :( So, Ricochet Reviews is currently without an eReader (and has reverted back to Kindle for PC) :(

On a happier note, here it is... "ain't it perdy?"  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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