Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday's Top 10: Young Adult Book Blogs

Tuesday's Top 10: YA Book Blogs

You've seen them in my blog roll and you've heard them on my rants: young adult book blogs! They're awesome, and they post the new read before I've even heard about it. They're kin and peers! They've got the look, they've got the name. Here's a list (alphabetecal, of course) of what's hot, who I stalk, and some blogs you seriously need to check out if you're loving Ricochet Reviews!

Who's YOUR favorite book blogger? Do you have a book blog? Leave a comment (with links!) and you might see them in the next blogger-related Tuesday's Top 10!


twimom101 said...

wow that Twimom101 sounds amazing *snickers*
seriously...great company on that blog roll.
thanks so much for your awesome work too!!

haleyeliseread said...

:DDD WOHOO! Thank you for featuring YA-aholic!!!! Awesome blogs listed (;

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