Sunday, December 4, 2011

Farsighted Tour Winner

Ricochet Reviews tied for fifth place as a winner of "Best Blog Entry" with the Farsighted blog tour via the fabulous Novel Publicity! Yay!
This is so incredibly awesome! As some of you know, I've only been blogging since the last week of September 2011, and I've only known about the online readers' community since August, when my lovely mother published Fate Fixed. That being said, I've only written maybe thirteen or fourteen reviews (yes, I'm a baby blogger!), and I certainly didn't expect this! What a wonderful way to kick off December!

The awesome finalists are all wonderful, creative bloggers! I was so excited to be listed beside them! So. Who won, you ask?

Have fun reading the reviews! Drop a line below (in the comments) telling me what you think! While your at it, why not follow the winning bloggers? I'm sure there will be great things from them in the future that you won't want to miss! Sometimes it's okay to be a follower! :)

Check out the beautiful braggy badge below, read the winning review for Ricochet Reviews here, or show the author some love and pick up your copy of Farsighted here!


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