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Author Interview with Belle Malory

Wanderlove 1. What (and how many books) have you released? What are they about? Wanderlove is my debut novel, released as an indie author. It's a story about Lola, a gypsy, who kind of sucks at being a gypsy. She can't remember anything from her past lives (which is unusual for her kind) and she is trying to figure out why no one wants her to remember.
2. Which, if any, character do you feel has the most of your characteristics (or acts like you do)? Hmm…Dakota and I do share a love for fashion. Unfortunately, however, I don’t get struck by a vision when I touch someone.  
 3. How did you get the idea for your work? What lured you to your topics? Music is often the source of my inspiration. I created a song list for Wanderlove, which can be found on my blog. All of those songs inspired different scenes within the book. Shakira’s song “Gypsy” was probably the biggest inspiration.

 4. Which scene was the most intense, or most visual, for you to write, personally? Great question! The first scene I wrote (and still my favorite) is when Lola and Gabe are dancing and her memories come flooding back to her.

5. If you could cast any actor/actresses to play your main characters, who would you select? That’s super tough! The only actress I can really visualize is Jane Fonda for Miriam (Lola’s Grandmother). But actually, Miranda, I’m curious; who would you would cast…?
RR: I have no idea! At the top of my head, I can't think of anyone in particular. As long as Hollywood would protray Lola and Gabe accordingly! Lola - long dark hair, curvatious, and Gabe -gorgeous, angelic, like Greek art! lol. (P.S. - if you guys have any ideas, comment below!)

If you could meet anyone or see anything from your novel, characters or otherwise, what and/or who would you choose? I would want to spend a few days in Blackwood Forest, maybe watch a snake charmer and/ or fire breathers. And of course, I’d like to meet Gabe!

7. How did you go about selecting your cover? A wonderfully talented artist helped me to morph it to what it is now.

8. What, if any, is/are your next upcoming project(s)? When can we expect them? Book two in the Wanderlove series is next. I'm really excited about it! The MC’s will change, but it will pick up right where Wanderlove left off.  

9. Why did you become (or decide to become) an author (or start writing)? To be honest, I don’t even remember choosing to write. It’s just what I’ve always wanted to do.

10. What do you love the most about being an author? Easy- having total control over everything that happens!

11. What or who inspires you to write? Good music! (and coffee)
12. What is the top cause you champion? Anything that is animal related. I’ve rescued three dogs- two were unplanned. I love them…but I feel like my shoe count has lowered enormously since I took them in.

13. What advice do you have for anyone who is interested in becoming an author? Write. Read. Write some more.

14. What is the one thing your readers should know about you? I think YA fans are highly obsessive- almost borderline neurotic. They’re crazy, insane, incredible beings. They love to express themselves through what they love and this is why I love the YA genre…because YA fans are the best.
(RR: Yey! I like us crazies, too! lol!)

15. What is the one thing you want your perspective readers to know about you? That same thing I said up there ↑

16. If you could do anything (for a career), besides being a writer, what would do?
Hmm…does book blogging pay well?
(RR: Haha! Unfortunately, no! Not a penny! lol!)

17. Aside from writing and reading, what are your hobbies? Taking care of the three little monsters that rule my house. (aka dogs)

18.  What is…?
…your favorite author? Eek…I know its cliché, but I suppose I would be star struck if I ever met Stephenie Meyer.

…your favorite book or series? Ella Enchanted- don’t judge it by the movie!

…your biggest literary inspiration? To write the greatest love story of all time :)

19.  Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what artists? Yes! I love all kinds of music. Even if it’s foreign.  

20.  Is there anything, specifically, that helps you write (or is unique about your writing process)? It’s sort of weird, but sometimes I play out the conversations that take place in my head because I need to hear what they sound like. This can become embarrassing, especially if someone walks in on me.

Thank you for participating! :) Thanks for having me!

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Anonymous said...


That's who I cast in my head while reading the book. Which I loved by the way and anxious for the next read!! =D

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