Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AUTHORity Announcement!

Bonnie Erina Wheeler, author of The Erris Coven Series, is partnering with Ricochet Reviews for its newest feature!

The collaboration will be featured year-round on The Erris Coven Blog and Ricochet Reviews, celebrating indie authors!

Monthly, we will choose one rising, independently published author. We'll feature them as a series for a single week, on both blogs, and include interviews, guest posts, reviews (of multiple works!), biographies, cover art, blurbs, and more.

We dive into our inspiration, we find your next obession.


Lindsay Paige said...

This is such an awesome feature! I can't wait to see more!

Miranda said...

Thank you! We're so excited about it! :)

John Abramowitz said...

Hey Miranda -

The teaser and cover image for my new book are up if you want a sneak peek. :)


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