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Author Interview with Elizabeth Waldie

Burning Autumn
Burning Autumn

With trust comes risks...
Ella Sole, a free-spirited and kind-hearted seventeen-year-old girl needs to get away from her past. Everything needs to be left behind.
When Ella is accepted at Willow Lake Academy for Artistic And Talented Students, she’s thrilled. The school is far from her old, dreaded home, and offers great opportunities for her. As Ella adjusts to her new environment, she meets a mysterious, intriguing boy, Dillon Brapper.
Dillon is hiding something, and Ella is determined to find out what it is. When she learns the truth, she must embark on a journey like no other and keep secrets from her closest friends, including her roommate, Tallie.

1. What (and how many books) have you released? What are they about?             
So far I’ve written several books, and have self-published one.  Burning Autumn is a young adult paranormal romance book about werewolves. In Burning Autumn, a teenage girl ends up going to a boarding school (mainly to get away from her old home), and winds up meeting some interesting—and mysterious—new people. I won’t give the whole book away, but let’s just say a very involved adventure plays a large part in this novel, and nobody is who he or she seems to be. My other novels are about a variety of other mythical creatures (which I will be releasing at a later date J).

2. Which, if any, character do you feel has the most of your characteristics (or acts like you do)?
I feel like every character has a bit of me in them, just like each character is almost always a mix of different people I know. In a way, I’d say that Ella acts like me. She’s shy at times, but thoughtful and independent. She’s not afraid to accept the truth, and reacts fairly well in tough situations. However, I also have days where I feel like Tallie, the crazy drummer girl who’s not afraid to use her drumsticks as lethal weapons!

3. How did you get the idea for your work? What lured you to your topics?
Strange and random ideas come to me at the most unexpected times. The idea for Burning Autumn actually originated with a leaf. It sounds silly, but the title came into my head as a bright red leaf fell to the ground, reminding me of fire. I had the sudden urge to write, and the story just seemed to flow onto the page.  I also read a lot of books about paranormal romance.  They have definitely influenced me.

4. Which scene was the most intense, or most visual, for you to write, personally?
I think the scenes from the time the trio leaves the comfort of Willow Lake to the time they return home are the most intense parts of the book. These scenes were very visual in my mind when I wrote them, and I had a lot of fun thinking them through.

5. If you could cast any actor/actresses (or musician) to play your main characters, who would you select? 

Tallie: Tegan Quin or Sara Quin—preferably Sara

Chace: Avan Jogia

Ella: Ellen Page or Anna Nalick

Dillon: Ian Somerhalder

James: Xavier Samuel

 6. If you could meet anyone or see anything from your novel, characters or otherwise, what and/or who would you choose?
I would love to meet Tallie! She’s such a crazy and outspoken person, and I bet she’d be a lot of fun. She’s a musician, strong, and someone who would have a lot of interesting stories to tell. There’s also the aspect of werewolves. I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want to meet a romantic werewolf?

7. How did you go about selecting your cover?
Well, my book actually has two different covers – one for the eBook and one for the print book.  Aside from writing, I enjoy photography. My family travels to a lot of “nature” places, where I like to take pictures. One of my photos was chosen for the eBook cover because it simply fit the title. The colors, the leaves—it was perfect. The printed book cover was picked because it was as close to my original photograph as I could get, but a little higher quality for printing purposes.

8. What, if any, is/are your next upcoming project(s)? When can we expect them?
Writing is my hobby, so I’ve usually got many projects going on at once. I‘ve started on a book of short stories that I plan to release at a later date. I’m also working on a series of novels. The first book in this series is titled Some Other Where, and is currently being edited. The series is about fallen angels and---of course—will be full of surprises! While the first book is being edited and formatted, I’m writing the sequel. I’m also working on another unrelated book, which is a secret to be announced at a later time!

9. Why did you become (or decide to become) an author (or start writing)?
I started writing in grade school. Short stories were kind of my “thing.” At the time, to me, they seemed long—like novels. But, today, I would consider them short stories. I wrote scary stories, especially around Halloween, and mystery books were my favorite. I wrote my first novel from sixth to seventh grade, and never published it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll fix it up and publish it later in life, but for now, I consider it practice. Burning Autumn was my second novel written, and first novel published, so I became a published author at the end of ninth grade.

10. What do you love the most about being an author?
I absolutely love being able to create new people, new problems, and new worlds. On those days where life is a bit boring, I can always do something spontaneous, such as kill off my main character or get someone stuck in quick sand. J The life of a writer is much more interesting than one might imagine. 

11. What or who inspires you to write?
A lot of my inspiration comes from the ability to get my feelings out and down on paper. Other than that, other young adult authors are always an inspiration to me. If they can write and publish, why can’t I? My family and friends encourage my writing, and they always inspire me to push and go further.

12. What is the top cause you champion?
Anything anti-bullying. In my opinion, bullying is probably one of the biggest problems kids face. I’ve done a lot of research projects on it, and the statistics are scary. The effects of bullying can even have a negative impact long into a child’s adult life.

13. What advice do you have for anyone who is interested in becoming an author?
READ!!! Reading is so important! I constantly have a book with me, and it helps, especially with writer’s block. Also, if you truly want to become an author, you have to take the time to sit down and actually write. Simply saying you’re going to write a novel won’t get you anywhere. You have to work hard and take the steps. 

14. What is the one thing your readers should know about you? 
I am a huge music nerd, and I love, love, love paranormal romance. The two combined are my weak spot J...oh, and chocolate. You give me a book, some indie rock, and a chocolate bar, and I’m one happy camper.

15. What is the one thing you want your perspective readers to know about you?
I’m a teenage author who writes what comes to mind, what she sees, and what she wants to see.

 16. If you could do anything (for a career), besides being a writer, what would you do?
I would travel the world and take pictures of everything I see.

17. Aside from writing and reading, what are your hobbies?
My hobbies include sketching, creating collages, photography, riding my bike, and taking long walks. I attempt to play the guitar every now and then, but—as my family can assure you—my skills are quite limited in that area. Being a teenager, I spend a lot of time in school, and friends play a large role in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

18.  What is your favorite book or series?
My favorite book would most likely either be The Firm or The Outsiders. My favorite series—well, it’s without a doubt Harry Potter!

19.  Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what artists?
I listen to a lot of alternative/indie rock. Some key bands I listen to include Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, Meg & Dia, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Tegan & Sara, and Hurricane Bells. I would go on forever if I could!

20.  Is there anything, specifically, that helps you write (or is unique about your writing process)?
Music really helps me write. Many people tell me my writing process is unique, because the stories seem to form in my head and take on lives of their own. I generally don’t do outlines unless I have a lot of characters and a lot of important facts to keep in mind. Other than that, the characters come to life and even I’m surprised by the way things happen sometimes!


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