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Author Interview: Lindsay Paige

 Sweetness by Lindsay Paige

Emily wished she was invisible. But after moving to a new town with her Dad, a charming boy makes it impossible for her to dissapear. Despite her feelings of unworthyness, Emily soon finds herself drawn to the safety of Jake's world.

Good looking and the star of the hockey team, Jake has a lot going for him. What most people don't see is the difficult life he has at home. But when quiet Emily steals his heart, Jake vows to help her discover she is worthy of love.

Just when the two of them realize the sweetness of their relationship, they are put to the test. Only together can they overcome their haunted pasts to fight for a future together.

The Interview
1. What and how many books have you written and/or released? I have written one book, "Sweetness". It will be released 11/11/11. 11 is my favorite number and thanks to some fabulous people, I'm able to release it then.

2. Which, if any, character do you feel has the most of your characteristics (or acts like you do)? Both Emily and Jake are like me. Emily has the shy and anxious side of me. She's unsure of herself at times. She has my love for hockey and Sidney Crosby. Jake is like me in the aspect of our fathers. Both of our fathers are alcoholics. We have a hard time with forgiving them when they do better because we are waiting for that relapse. Jake is more successful in that area.

3. How did you get the idea for your work? What lured you to your topic? I knew I wanted to write a love story where both characters were equally flawed. I didn't want a "perfect" guy. I wanted a guy who was real and flawed. He would be perfect in that way. I wanted them to be dependent on each other in a way that would allow them to improve their lives which would be even harder without one another's support. Also, for me to fall asleep in a timely manner, I have to daydream. Emily and Jake were born in one of my daydreams that just wouldn't go away and I knew only one way that would stop the madness bouncing around inside my head: Write. And that's what I did.
4. Which scene was the most intense, or most visual, for you to write, personally? Like I said, I daydream. Therefore, most of it was visual for me. The most intense scene would probably be the incident at the end. Sorry, but I don't want to spoil what happens! That was really tough for me. I had to really get in Emily's mind to complete that scene.
5. If you could cast any actor/actresses to play your main characters, who would you select? Hmm. I haven't ever thought about it. I'm not sure who I would want to play Emily, but for Jake? I would go with Ian Solmerhander. He's super cute and I love everything he is in.
6. If you could meet anyone or see anything from your novel, characters or otherwise, what and/or who would you choose? Well, Emily gets the chance to meet someone when Jake takes her our and I would have to say I would want to meet that person as well. :)
7. How did you go about selecting your cover? Well, I knew which scene I wanted to be the cover. After that, it was just the matter of taking pictures and choosing which I liked best. The park is a common place for Emily and Jake. Things happened at that park, so I wanted the cover to be of swings at the park. Next, I just added people. :)
8. What, if any, are your next upcoming projects? When can we expect them? After missing Emily and Jake for a few weeks, I was able to put myself back together and starting thinking of what I wanted to do next. I have two projects that I will be working on. The tentative title of one is Silent Tears and again deals with some sort of abuse. The other is title-less at the moment. It will involve a girl trying to get over her past and a boy who goes the quick and easy way to get things done.
9. Why did you decide to become an author (or start writing)?  I didn't really decide. It just happened. My mom told me I should write a bestseller so we could have a house similar to Nicholas Sparks' and then I kept daydreaming about this girl. From there, it developed into a girl and boy until I HAD to write it all down.
 10. What do you love the most about being an author? I love being able to live through my characters even though they don't have a 100% good life. I'm all about having problems and being flawed in order to have those moments of complete bliss. I love having the good and the bad. The bad makes the good so much better when it comes and we can appreciate it more when it happens.
11. What or who inspires you to write?  Sometimes I'll read this amazing book that is so well written and makes me so emotionally involved that I think, "I want to write something like that." Those rare books that just have every single thing a book needs to be amazing inspire me to write.
 12. What is the top cause you champion?  My nephew has Asperger's, which is a form of autism. He has so much trouble in school because the teachers simply don't really understand him and how he functions. I love working with him and making his day easier for him. I love being that one person who knows what makes him tick and some of the best ways to help him. When I get older, I plan on working with children with Asperger's and their family to live an easier life.
13. What advice do you have for anyone who is interested in becoming an author? I always hear the phrase "Write what you know." I have to say that, for me, is the best advice. The more you know about a topic and the more passionate you are, the easier it is to transcribe that onto paper and make a story of it. So write what you know (and if you don't, research it!) and write your heart out.
14. What is the one thing your readers should know about you?
 Emily and Jake are very close to my heart because I see so much of myself in them. If you want to know me a little better, read "Sweetness" and you can see a bit of me in Jake and Emily. Also, I'm very open so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

15. If you could do anything (for a career), besides being a writer, what would do?
 I am planning on becoming a psychologist and psychiatrist. I want to have one place where children with Asperger's can come for any of the following: Diagnosis, treatment (medication), therapy, etc. I want to help them and their family. I want them to know that someone is here to help them with any aspect needed.
16. Besides writing or reading, what are your hobbies? I love to play tennis. Thanks to my friend making--err, suggesting--me to try out for the team at school, I have come to love the sport. I also love to go to hockey games.

17. What is… your favorite author, favorite book or series, and/or biggest literary inspiration? It would be easier to just look at my favorites shelf on Goodreads for my favorite books. As for inspiration, I would have to say Jessica Park. She is a fantastic, fun writer who knows how to hook, line, and sink the reader, as the saying goes. She and her way of looking at things inspires me.
19. Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what artists? Sometimes, I feel bleh when writing. That is when music comes in. I have a playlist on my iPod of songs that put me in the mood of the scenes and help me write. It ranges anywhere from Marvin Gaye, Ke$ha, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, The Temptations, Skillet, Bon Jovi, to Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, and a few other country singers.

20. Is there anything, specifically, that helps you write?
 If I just lay back and picture it, play by play, in my mind and know what I would like to happen or to let it go on its own helps me write.
Thanks for an awesome interview! :)

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