Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last Post... New Blog!

I know, I know - I said the very last came in July - but this is the one (I promise, this time!).

Because Ricochet Reviews is closing, I wanted to quickly let everyone know that it's not the end of my blogging days! With my new site, I transition from reviewer to author - and it's very exciting! Check it out not only for updates in my reading travels (interviews and reviewers, here and there, as well) but also to have access to the (upcoming) previews of my (upcoming) novel Something Of A Kind, be the first to know the juicy release details, and also content on writing, indie publishing, and tons more!

Again, thank you to everyone who encouraged Ricochet Reviews. As sad as I am, I'm also elated to be exploring and discovering other pieces of the bookie world. I hope you'll join me at the new address!

In the meantime, you can check out Something Of A Kind on Goodreads and Facebook to see what I keep going on and on about! :)

Happy reading!

With love,

P. S. For those on the mailing list or other external feed readers, more information about the move and the close are available on the main blog, both in sidebars and "About Me" sections.


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