Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day: YA Memorable Moms

Happy Mother's Day, Bookies! How are you celebrating, honoring, or remembering your mother today? Did you buy her a fun new read? That's my plan! In honor of the wonderful day, let's highlight some memorable mothers of YA! Shall we?

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"You can come home whenever you want - I'll come right back as soon as you need me.―Renée to Bella
Renée Dwyer: Nothing is more memorable about a mom than a daughter willing to die for her, even if it means getting eaten by a sadistic tracker vamp with some serious issues.

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Mom-Daughter Duo: P.C. & Krisiten Cast

I confess the entire series is on my shelf - unfortunately and shamefully, amongst my dusty reads. While I haven't read them, I do own them, and have many a-time stumbled across the awesome duo-description along the back! It's quite awesome! A mom and daughter, seperate writers with seperate genres, co-wrote an entire, successful YA vamp series! It sounds like a pretty fabulous way to edge in some bonding time, to me!

Fate Fixed: An Erris Coven Novel
Author Mom: Bonnie Erina Wheeler

Check out RR's first and second interview with Bonnie Erina Wheeler, and the review of Fate Fixed.

This author mom has quite the resume! In addition to being a full-time University of Connecticut student and writing (plus self-promoting )the Erris Cover Series and the upcoming novel Body of Ash, she lion-tames her husband and three children! With an amazing novel and awesome blog, there's no cooler author mom out there!

But hey, she's my mom and my  BFF, so maybe I'm bias ;)

All in all -- happy Mother's Day, bookies! Ladies and gents, celebrate every mother you know today, read something filled with memorable YA fiction moms, leave a comment sharing how/what/why, and enjoy your holiday! :)


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